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Facebook is always testing different demographics, behaviours and interests, this spreadsheet will help you plan your next move when advertising on Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

5 Critical Mistakes Business Owners Make On Social Media That Negatively Impact Business Sales

This exclusive guide contains vital information to ensure you have the right focus, the right information to gain access to ideal customers and get the sales you want.

Marina Garbuio


Hi! I'm Marina Garbuio

I’m a Digital and Social Media Strategist for clients as well as teach online marketing strategy to students and other businesses at a prominent Melbourne University.

I consult people who are passionate about their business but don’t have the time, knowledge or energy to deliver their marketing message to their online audience.

Unlike other marketers who are reluctant to teach trade secrets, I deliver easy-to-understand training and services in the digital and social media marketing space.

You gain expertise and knowledge to direct or implement successful marketing strategies within your business.

So, what value can I share with you?


My portfolio includes over two decades of business and marketing, experience including 10 years expertise in social media.


I teach Digital Marketing and Marketing Principles at tertiary level - including University and hands-on TAFE.


I consult micro, small, medium and large sized businesses on both a local and global scale, across a diverse number of industries.


I conduct regular workshops and short courses on Social Media Strategy and Facebook/Instagram Advertising


I educate and mentor CEO’s, in-house digital and marketing managers, entrepreneurs and agency staff members


I've been a keynote speaker presenting digital marketing insights and am invited into various businesses to conduct digital workshops.